Sunday, 25 May 2008

I love the colours i have used here. I did this look on my sister.
Here i have used different shades of blue and a hint of mint green. Again i have used a black liquid eye liner to complete the look. I think this look would be great for summer!.
If there are any other colour combo's or looks you would like me to try out, let me know!.:-)


Hi there!!

How are you all doing?. Its been a rather stressful week but anyhow, here is another one of my creations!:-) Hope you'll like it!.

For this look, i have used a dark purple on the outer corners and light pink in the inner corners and around the tear duct. To highlighten my brow bones, i used FROST in MAC. I then applied black khol pencil just below my lower waterline,just half way .

I finished the look with black liquid eye liner and created a cat eye shape, then layers of mascara:-)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

A glimpse of my work...just a start:-)

So finally i have put a video up of my work:).. mind you,this is not that clear but hopefully it should give you a insight into my quality of work. I have also put a picture here so you could see a bit more clearer!:-S ,as i am moving a bit too fast in the video!he he. There are more to come so keep watching out!

This look is basically a smokey eyed look. I have used black shimmer shadow and white mixed with gray and i also used a cream colour eye shadow to highlight the brow bone.

For the cheeks i used a bronzer in a medium shade and finished it off by applying some clear gloss on to my lips. I wanted to balance out the whole look by keeping more focus on the eyes.

I hope you will like it!

P.s I have not done any type of hairstyle, i simply tied it back! and those are my real eye lashes!:-D

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Presentation for tomorrow...

Good evening everyone!

I know its a bit cold and dull today in some parts of England, and for those of you who are in those parts, SMILE!! he he and for those who are not in the U.K and are from other parts of the world, A WARM WELCOME!:-)

I have been preparing for a small presentation we are going to be doing in class tomorrow morning, yes there is class in the morning as normal, i mixed it up with next Thursdays timing! Thanks to my tutor,Laura:-). I appreciate that you have liked the way i have done my blog :-D.

Right, pictures of my work, i will be putting them up hopefully next week for you to see. Today i also tried a different look. This time i used golden orange and browns, sort of like the sunset theme. I have took pictures of it. Any ideas you guys could give me to try out?...let me know!.

Ok then, today is pretty much just about me revising and that's it so i will get back to you when i have much more to tell you all :-). Till then, take care and keep smiling..


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Back to my little adventure for the day...

A big hello to you all!!

I'm hoping every ones day has been good and are in good spirits!.

I'm doing fine! i have been revising what we learnt today in our theory lesson. We learnt about the buttocks and legs muscles and the blood circulation. It was a very interesting lesson as always. Learning about your body and the way it functions is always very interesting and beneficial to know. We also talked about the sickle cell and the conditions if it.

So now I'm back to college on Thursday as i have a day off on Wednesday's and Friday's. On Thursday, we start late again, same time as today, 12.30. I will have to go in early and get the client list from the reception for the afternoon session. I'm feeling a bit sleepy now (yawn) . I was just browsing through YouTube and found a great video!. It shows you a Japanese girl doing a Geisha make -up look on herself! Yes!! I was so amazed at the way she did it. She applied it on perfectly and it looked so flawless. It is a true art. Have a look for yourself and tell me what you think! - . I would love to try it out myself but on a model. It sure will take alot of practice but it is worth it.

Guess what guys, this Friday, my Mr special will be meeting my parents for the first time in 22 months!. I am so looking forward to this and am very excited! We will be going for dinner someplace not decided yet!!. I cant imagine or picture how its going to be, but I'm sure it will be a night to remember:-). I have been planning this evening for a month now and finally it is going to happen. (touch wood) . he he . I'm not superstitious but it is just so important to me that i cant let anything effect it!

Well guys, i shall take your leave and get back to you tomorrow!

Good night!!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Salon manager experience!

Hey you sweetness's! :-)

How is everyone doing?? I hope you all are good and smiling!. Again the weather was such a let down!. In the morning it was nice and bright and then by noon, it turned all gloomy,dull and cold!. I went to college today and it was my first day as a salon manager for the week, (BIG REPONSILBILTY!!)!. I was dreading coming in the morning,didn't know what to expect!, but it wasn't all that bad!. The girls did help me out. The downside, i think, of being a salon manager in college is that you're not allowed to do any assessments!. Most of the time i kept thinking, "damn, i wish i was doing a assessment!!", i have quite a few assessments to get done with before my year ends!. I have only like a month or so left. PRESSURE! ha ha

I'm so looking forward to just passing everything and moving on. I have alot of plans ahead of me. hmmmm. I'm feeling really tired right now and sleepy but i don't want to sleep this early or else i wont get to sleep later at night!.

Tomorrow we all start late, around 13.00pm. We just have a theory lesson tomorrow, so no rushing around in the morning, well not until Thursday!

Oh wells, i'll stop this little "My days adventure" for now and will get back to you guys when i can, which should be tomorrow if I'm not too stressed out! he he .

Take care you all!

Friday, 16 May 2008

My make up spree!

Good afternoon to you all!:)

Hope your all having a great day so far!. The weathers pretty crap:(. Its raining!!. Last few days it was such a nice weather, Sun was shinning, everyone in their little cute Summer outfits!. Felt like i was in Miami. Well that's how it was like there, minus the beach!. I went to South Beach!. Beautiful people and beautiful places. What i loved about it was that you could wear your beach clothes and glam it up at night!:-D.

Anyways, getting back to how my day has been so farr, its been good, i went down to Ealing Broadway to shop for some new eye shadow colours and to check out new products! I love Barry M colours!. They have a fantastic range of colours. I love their Dazzle Dusts and Fine Glitter Dusts. I am going to try out some new eye make - up looks with the colours i purchased today! I'm so excited. I got some blues and greens and a golden orange colour. Hmmm I can just visualise it right now, how I'd blend and mix the colours. I haven't got a particular look in mind but ill just go with the flow and see what i can create:-) . Yes, i have promised you all that i will be uploading pictures of my work very soon and so i will! I am just really busy at the moment with other things going on with my college. I have a month or less left till my course ends and i have so much to get done with!! It is very stressful but i know i will get it done:-)

The most exciting thing happening next month is that i will be going to a Hen night. Me and two other class friends will go there and create make - up looks for these girls!. I'm doing something like this for the first time and i am very excited about it!. I have also never been to a Hen night before!. So lets see how it goes! Its on the 21st of June, Saturday. I will surely keep you all updated on how it goes. I'll take loads of pictures!

I have just come up with a look in my mind that I'd like to try out, a peacock eye look. With alot green and Khaki and a hint of gold!, perfect for a night out!. Its not too loud. Also i would love to try some summer looks, alot of bronze, golds, light pinks, mint green... My eye - shadows are mainly from Barry M and Natural Collection. The thing i love about the colours from Natural Collection is that their light colours such as baby blue and mint green, apply on so well and easily and they can be seen!! I hate it when they just fade or blend into your skin!

Ok guys, I'm going to finish this off now for today as i have to get on with what I've said I'm going to be doing! so catch you guys later and hope you all have a great Friday night!! bye!!